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You son? This shop? The old man looked around and asked curiously, Actually, this shop is rather interesting. Yes, how about this. Let him go and Ill treat you to wine.


Waha Gate had just finished his sentence when people started running upstairs in a frenzy. It was not a joking matter. If they got there late, they would regret it for the rest of their lives!


After a brief silence, the entire shop erupted. I offer five thousand! Ill buy it for five thousand!I offer eight thousand! Eight thousand!I offer ten thousand, ten thousand in cash! Sell it to me, sell it to me!


Your fist dont have eyes? Mister Gate sneered. He was big and tall. Standing beside the rest, he was like a huge water bucket, extremely scary. The man who threatened everyone was so scared and moved back three steps!


Luckily, just at this time, a low voice said, Well, well, well. If it isnt White Beard Gate. Why are you so angry? What has this young fellow done to anger you? How about giving me some face?


Youre here. Jiang Qianxue put down the book and looked at Li Tianxing. She smiled and nodded. Brother Tianxing, its been a while, indeed.

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The hologram of the Old Elder’s head that was projected from the communicator smiled and said, “Hellfire, someone has already passed the 30th level in the Tower of Trials. According to our assessment, this is a super-genius that won’t lose out to Duan Xuan. Therefore, I need you to pay a visit to Kris Sudarian immediately and see if you can obtain some information on this person.”


Being a gigantic information gathering and dispersing center, the volume of information flow here was much more than on Earth.


Wahahahaha! Of course! Gate laughed out loud. My newest son taught me that. How is it? Am I good?


The Bureau Chief said slowly, Dali, do you have enough men over at the Galaxy Alliance Center?


Damn, which family had such excellent genes? How were all three of their daughters such beauties?


Seeing that he was about to attack, Tianyi decided to ignore everything else and concentrated on the fight first!


However, Tang Muxin knew that Li Yang might not be a match for him if they were really to fight. She immediately commanded. Quentin, wake up. Theres work to do!



Seeing that someone on his side had arrived, he had to drag someone down with him. He shouted, Big Brother Double Aristocrat, help me!



If he continued, the Honorary Aristocrat was likely to end up dead. The crowd was so shocked that their hearts were in their throats. If the Honorary Aristocrat really died here, then


The one speaking had no other intentions, but the one listening had his own ideas. Hong Dali was shocked. Aye? Pops is your pops as well?!


On the other side, Zhang Yi, who was clad in a black sexy leather attire, ran in. When she saw Hong Dali, she rushed towards him and pulled him into her chest, his face almost on her cleavage. Aiyaya, long time no see, Young Master. I missed you so much, let sister give you a kiss!

  • Tang Muxin said, Anyway, Sister Qianxue, you just have to know that he is definitely not short on money.
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