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I dont think that is necessary. A reminder would probably be useless. Yin Lieyang shook his head and said, He must know about the advancement assessment but yet chooses to do as he pleases. He must have his reasons. Forget it, lets just wait and see. Lets see what he manages to come up with when the time comes.


Hong Dali had planned to tell her about having passed level thirty of the Tower of Trials. They were friends, after all—but now, he really did not dare to tell her anymore. He had family and dependents with him… Jiang Qianxue was such a privileged person, she could have liked anyone. Why did she have to like a genius who passed thirty levels of the Tower of Trials? He had only gone into the tower for fun! He did not go there for her, what was this!


Hong Dali and his people strode straight through the doors of the auction hall. There was already a small device welcoming them. Beautiful young ladies from the elf clan donned in elegant dresses stood in a row, bowing at ninety degrees, and greeted in unison. Welcome to the Sauron auction! High-class, lavish, exquisiteespecially the deep cleavage, huge breasts.


Immediately, an option to combine gems appeared on the Systems menu. When he chose it, something that looked like an altar appeared in the air in front of Hong Dali. There were a total of three grooves in it. Under two of them were the small words: Original attribute gems. On top of the third were the words: Combined attribute gem.


Yes, yes. Look at his aura, look at his ability. Just by walking in, I can feel his frosty aura. Hes indeed the number one genius. Very powerful!


“This…” Jiang Qianxue fiddled nervously with the corner of her clothing. “Since we are experimental lovers, I should sleep with you tonight, right? Oh, don’t worry. I will control myself and not force myself on you…”

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This Dali, as a gold-level Double Honorary Aristocrat he did something so prodigal. Luckily I discovered it early. Otherwise, I would have suffered a big loss today!


She was an extremely intelligent girl. After the initial frenzied idolization died down, she soon calmed down. That was why she was sitting here alone instead of with someone else.


Hong Dali took a piece of armor out from his space watch. He pried the two gems that were on it out and put them onto the altar. One was a Strength +11 gem and the other was an Agility +12 gem.


Go and die! A book connected with Hong Dalis head. It was thrown by Jiang Qianxue. Its not a big deal to be impulsive once in a while. Its not as bad as you make it sound.


“Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter.” Hong Dali grinned and didn’t show any concern. “I am just playing with it for fun. I am a prodigal, after all. I am not relying on this to earn money.”


Hmm Hong Dali rubbed his chin and thought about it. These are the only two skills that are usable. It costs 100 points for each, and I only have enough for one now. Based on this I have no use for Granzon at the moment. Double attribute gems, on the other hand, seem to be quite good. I should get a full set of combined gems for the lackeys. Let me calculate. One million for one double attribute gem, twenty gems per person will cost twenty million. Right now, if we count the lackeys as well as my friends, thats a total of Damn, twenty over people. Two hundred million for ten people, that will mean four hundred million for forty people! Thats going to kill me!


“Teacher Wang might be able to fight them too, but his mecha belongs to the close combat type. Against the Zergs, I reckon its effect is only average.” The Bureau Chief thought for a while and suddenly said, “Instead, if we can repair the energy core for the Thunder Angel, it might be useful against the Zergs.”



Luckily, just at this time, a low voice said, Well, well, well. If it isnt White Beard Gate. Why are you so angry? What has this young fellow done to anger you? How about giving me some face?



En, good, good. Li Nianweis mother gently smoothed Li Nianweis slightly disheveled hair, sounding like she was going to cry. Our Nianwei is always a very understanding and good girl. Im sure you wont become Young Master Dalis burden. But your marriage She looked at Tang Muxin and sighed softly, clearly not daring to let others hear her. After all, Li Nianwei was her only daughter. She had to get married sooner or later. If she could marry the kind Young Master, Hong Dali, that would be perfect. But she was slightly despondent since Hong Dali already had a legitimate fiancee, Tang Muxin.


In this case, Hong Dali touched his chin. the situation in your shop sounds complicated. I dont have much of an impression of it. How about this, lead us to your shop to take a look. If its okay, Ill buy a few more shops.


This was the first time he had heard that good swordsmanship could be used in this way.

  • No hurry, no hurry. Hong Dali said, Let me play for another two years. I dont intend to. do it so early. Hehe, hehe.
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